Product Photography 

 For my product Photography service I have two routes you can choose from. One is shot per item and the other is a package product shots that you can chose from that fits your business best need. you can find the break down of each option below.

Note there is a flat $60.00 rate for editing and material  fees on top of packages and item per shot options

Product per Shot

  • 1-7  photos of individual items $20.00

  • 7-15  photos of individual items $30.00

  • 15-35 photos of individual items  $ 40.00

  • 35- 50 photos of individual items $50.00

  • 50-70 individual items $60.00

Collection Packages

  • Induvial product shots.

  • Collection as a whole.

  • Creative grouping of products together.

  1. Collection one: 0-7 products $350.

  2. Collection two: 7-15 products $500.

  3.  Collection three: 15-35 products $750.

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